Positive messages for the world

Why am I seeing these pictures? What is behind them?

This idea is based on the following thought:

With Google and Facebook(Instagram) we are able to reach most of the people here on the planet.

If someone wants to advertise a product on Google / Facebook / Instagram, the related ads are placed by the provider and every time someone clicks on the ad, the advertiser pays a small amount of money for it.

Instead of selling or promoting some products or services of ourselves.
We would like to use this principle now, not to sell something, but to reach as many people as possible with positive messages and affirmations.

We use messages, questions and affirmations like the following:
„I love myself“
„Who am I?“
„I am valuable“
„I am healthy “
„I am loved“
„I love my body“
„I’m perfect just the way I am“
„When was the last time you smiled at someone?“

From time to time someone will also visit our website, but so many more will just read the inspiring sentences (or the unconscious mind)  and go through life a little more relaxed, peaceful and conscious. In this way, we can put many small points of light into this world.

Maybe you are wondering who pays for these advertisements? Because Facebook and Google do not do it for free. We use our private money, what we earn through our professions and the money we collect through donations. If you also like this idea and want to give something, you can do it in these two ways.

Your donation will then be used 100% for this project. As well everything we provide on this website is on donation. (Sorry all content is in german). We try to manifest someone, who can help us to translate everything into English.

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